This section has background information on the Jewel of Muscat project and Oman.

The story behind the Jewel of Muscat project

The Jewel’s origins, where she set sail from and the achievements of this maritime project.

The Belitung Wreck and Tang Treasures

The story of the discovery of the beautiful and well-preserved Tang Treasure, found in a wreck off Belitung.


The Maritime Trade Route: Oman to the Far East

Historical sources show that over a thousand years ago, sailors travelled the seas between Oman and China.

Geography of Oman

Key information about Oman, its position within the Middle East, and its geographical diversity.

Modern Oman

Find out more about what life in Oman is like today.

Profile of Muscat

The political and commercial centre of Oman, Muscat, has a long and interesting past.