Image gallery

Every stage of the Jewel of Muscat project was captured in photos. Choose a gallery below then click on a photo to view it larger. You can navigate manually by clicking the arrows or click on the play symbol to view a slideshow.


This gallery shows the very first stages of construction including felling the wood for the ship in Ghana, West Africa


In this gallery you can see how the Jewel of Muscat was built using traditional materials and techniques.


This gallery shows how the ship’s design and all the materials used in her were carefully tested.


In this gallery you can meet some of the key people involved in the construction of the ship.


Here you can follow the dramatic events leading up to the launch of the ship.

Fitting out

This gallery shows how the ship was fitted out with masts and sails after the hull was launched.

Preparing for sea

In this gallery you can watch Jewel of Muscat as she undergoes her first sea trials and is made ready for her long voyage.

The voyage – 1st leg

Photos from on board the ship as she sails on the first leg of her voyage from Muscat in Oman to Cochin in southern India.

Cochin stopover

In this gallery you can see how the ship’s masts were replaced.

The voyage – 2nd leg

These photos tell the story of the ship’s stormy crossing from India to Sri Lanka.

The voyage – 3rd leg

Pictures from on board Jewel of Muscat as she battles through storms in the Bay of Bengal to reach Malaysia.

The voyage – 4th leg

This gallery tells the story in photos of the ship’s voyage along the Malaysian coast from Georgetown to Port Klang.

The voyage – final leg

In this gallery you can see Jewel of Muscat’s triumphant arrival in Singapore.

The voyage – the legacy

See how Jewel has created a valuable legacy in terms of culture and education.

Your Jewel

The Jewel of Muscat has inspired many people to send in photos and pictures of the ship – this gallery shows a selection of them.