The story of Jewel of Muscat from the earliest days to the completion of the voyage.


Project begins

1st January 2008

Model of the Jewel of Muscat is built, and search for materials begins.

Fianu felling.time line

Tree felling

15th June 2008

In Ghana, trees are felled to be milled into planks.

Milling Planks.time line

Milling the planks

16th June 2008

The wood is milled into planks before being transported from the forests in Ghana to Oman.

beach area for workshop.time line

Selection of construction site

17th June 2008

The chosen space is identified and cleared on a beach in Oman and awnings are erected in preparation for work to begin.

wood arrival.time line

Planks arrive at Qantab

8th October 2008

First container of Afzelia africana planks from Ghana arrives at the beach at Qantab.

blessing 2.time line

The blessing

21st October 2008

The blood from the sacrifice is smeared on the stem post to guide the ship through the water.

stern.time line

The keel

5th November 2008

The keel is in place and the site looks more and more like a shipyard.

JO0136 resize.time line

Inside the keel

20th January 2009

More and more planks are added and the internal frames now help to keep the shape.

JO0222 resized.time line

The stern

1st March 2009

Stitching is happening on both sides now and the shape of the ship is really starting to show.

JoM Launch.time line

The Jewel of Muscat website launches

15th March 2009

The President of Singapore His Excellency S.R. Nathan officially launches the Jewel of Muscat website.

stormdamage1.time line

Storm damages shipyard

25th March 2009

A fierce storm collapses the canopy above the ship, but there is no damage to the Jewel of Muscat herself. Construction continues as soon as the debris is cleared.

post storm timeline.time line

Repairing the shipyard

6th April 2009

The team works hard to resurrect the storm-hit shipyard.

JO0247.time line

The keelson is fitted

21st April 2009

The huge keelson is hoisted into the ship and shaped by hand for a perfect fit. The keelson helps reinforce the keel and hold the supports for the hull in place.

DSC_8388.time line

Jewel of Muscat to date

13th May 2009

Steady work continues on the ship.

DSC_1572.time line

The first fashin is put in place

8th June 2009

The fashin is the tail of the stern fin of a double-ended vessel.

DSC_5350.time line

Shaping the sister keelson

8th July 2009

The sister keelson are additional square timbers, placed alongside the main keelson.

DSC_8585.time line

Jewel of Muscat

24th August 2009

The ship as it stands today.

DSC_2032.time line

Placing the last plank

1st September 2009

The last plank is put in place in the Jewel of Muscat.

DSC_4404_edit.time line

Getting ready for launch

25th September 2009

The ship is now ready to be launched but much work has to be done to get her into the water. A track will be built to carry the ship down into the sea at low tide.

Saleh Al Jabri_resize1.time line

Captain appointed

6th October 2009

Saleh Said Al Jabri is appointed Captain of the Jewel of Muscat for the voyage from Oman to Singapore. Formerly second in command of the tall ship Shabab Oman, Saleh currently works as an instructor with Oman Sail.

Episode One 1.time line

Countdown to launch

14th October 2009

The construction team and engineers are working hard to get the ship into the water. First they have to build a frame round the boat and rails down to the sea.

IMG_1100.time line

Jewel of Muscat launched

18th October 2009

The Jewel of Muscat is launched into the sea off Qantab – after a two-day operation to roll her down the beach.

DSC_0119 Launch No 9.time line

Ship’s first voyage

18th October 2009

After launch, the ship is towed a short distance to a berth at Marina Bandar Al-Rowdha – where she will be fitted with masts and rigging before starting sea trials and crew training.

DSC_0003_480.time line

Fitting out begins

20th October 2009

The Jewel is Muscat is now berthed in Marina Bandar Al-Rowdha. She is sitting well in the water and there are no serious problems with leaks. Over the coming weeks she will be fitted out with teak masts from India, palm leaf sails from Zanzibar, natural rope rigging and accommodation.

DSC_8409.time line

Masts arrive at Qantab

14th November 2009

The mast timbers have arrived from India. The carpenters have started shaping the teak logs. It will take one week for the masts to be ready.

12 Nov 16_0.time line

Anti-fouling is applied

25th November 2009

The Jewel of Muscat is taken out of the water at the Royal Yacht Squadron for Chunam anti-fouling mixture to be applied. Once completed the ship will return to the water for her masts and rigging to be fitted.

Timeline 27 Masts up 12Dec 09 DSC_1203_a.time line

Masts are fitted

12th December 2009

The masts are lowered into the Jewel of Muscat with a crane. At the same time the rigging is attached. As soon as the sails are ready the Jewel will be set to begin sea trials.

04012010_Sea_Trials_r.time line

First sea trial

4th January 2010

The Jewel of Muscat completes her first sea trial successfully. The ship performs well, even close to the wind. Both steering systems work well and the ship is light to control. More sea trials will follow and crew training will now get underway.

Goh Chok Tong naming ceremony

Jewel of Muscat formally named

1st February 2010

Goh Chok Tong, former Singaporean Prime Minister, and H.E Abdul Aziz Rawas, cultural adviser to HM Sultan Qaboos, officially name the Jewel of Muscat in a ceremony marking the friendship between Oman and Singapore.

Latest panel photo for launch IMG_1716_2.time line

Jewel of Muscat sets sail

16th February 2010

Jewel of Muscat gets a spectacular send-off as she sets sail for Singapore. After a ceremony addressed by HH Sayyid Shibab Bin Tariq Al Said, Capt Saleh Al Jabri rings Jewel’s bell to start the voyage and shortly before 12 noon she slips her moorings. She now has up to four weeks sailing ahead of her to cover the 1,200 miles to Cochin in southern India.

15.03.10 Arrival 17 IMG_1925_0.time line

Jewel of Muscat arrives in Kochi

15th March 2010

Jewel of Muscat arrives safely in Kochi after covering 1300 miles in 28 days. After struggling with little wind and adverse currents she is towed into port surrounded by other ships. Dignitaries from Oman and India greet the crew, then dancing and celebrations break out on the quayside. Jewel will now head for dry dock for maintenance before she heads on to Sri Lanka.

DSC_0691 Enthusiastic crew members raise the mainsail to begin the voyage to Sri Lanka.time line

Jewel of Muscat’s second leg begins…

10th April 2010

The Jewel begins her second leg from Kochi, India. Helped along by steady winds, and a squall that pushed her to a record speed of 7.8 knots, she is on schedule to arrive in Galle, Sri Lanka around the 18th of April.

IMG_1085 Happy crew _0.time line

Jewel of Muscat arrives in Sri Lanka

19th April 2010

Jewel of Muscat and her crew reach Sri Lanka safely after coming through a heavy storm which damaged one of her masts. After repairs have been carried out, she will head out from Galle across the Bay of Bengal to George Town on Penang Island, Malaysia.

DSC01851 Jewel is towed out of harbour._0.time line

Jewel of Muscat sets sail for Malaysia

15th May 2010

Jewel of Muscat sets sail from Galle, Sri Lanka at 11.00 am local time, to begin her voyage to George Town, Malaysia after a warm send off from Sri Lankan and Omani officials. Jewel and her crew of 19 now face three weeks sailing across possibly rough seas to Malaysia.

2010 219The Jewel of Muscat ties up_0.time line

Arrival in Georgetown, Penang

2nd June 2010

After 19 days at sea the Jewel of Muscat arrives safely in Georgetown, Penang Island . Jewel came through stormy squalls and challenging currents to reach Malaysia travelling at record speeds. The crew will now rest before setting sail around June 16th to Singapore on the last two legs of her epic voyage.

DSC_0108 Ayaz Al Zadjali tightens a rope as the ship glides past Penang_2.time line

Jewel begins fourth leg

19th June 2010

Jewel of Muscat sails from Georgetown, Penang to begin the fourth leg of her voyage. She will now sail through the crowded waters of the Straits of Malacca to reach Port Klang in a few days.

DSC_0254 The crew waves to the welcoming crowd on shore_1.time line

Jewel reaches Port Klang

21st June 2010

Jewel makes good time to reach Port Klang, her final stop before Singapore. After weeks of sailing the final goal is near.

DSC_0071 High clouds and calm seas in the evening.preview_0.time line

Jewel begins final leg

27th June 2010

Jewel leaves Port Klang at 1400 local time to begin the final leg of her historic voyage to Singapore. She is due to reach Singapore on July 3rd where a spectacular welcome awaits her and she will be handed over to the people of Singapore as a gift from Oman.

IMG_2426 The lines are cast ashore_0.time line

Jewel of Muscat arrives in Singapore

3rd July 2010

Jewel of Muscat arrives in Singapore to a spectacular and joyous welcome. She is welcomed by the President of Singapore H.E. S R Nathan and H.H. Sayyid Harib Bin Thuwainy Al-Said, representative of H.M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of the Sultanate of Oman. In a formal ceremony Jewel is handed over to the people of Singapore as a gift from Oman.


Jewel’s Captain honoured

6th September 2010

HM Sultan Qaboos bestows the medal of Honour on Saleh Al Jabri for his achievements as Captain of the Jewel of Muscat.

Jewel on permanent display

15th October 2011

The Jewel of Muscat goes on permanent display in Singapore as the Maritime Experiential Museum opens to the public.