Saleh Al Jabri, Captain

Saleh Al Jabri, Captain

The Captain’s First Log

5th October 2009

Saleh Al Jabri, Captain

I am honoured to be selected as the Captain of the Jewel of Muscat

Nothing will make me prouder than steering the ship on the old trading routes from Muscat to Singapore via India and Malaysia, just as our forefathers did before us. To be part of this project, which will be a gift from His Majesty to the people of Singapore, gives me great pride, not only to sail on it but also to be the Captain.

The Jewel of Muscat is a fantastic and inspiring project. It brings together the maritime heritage of Oman into the modern day and shows the people of Oman how hard their forefathers worked to make Oman into the great country it is today. It was a hard way of life back then and we should be thankful for what we have today.. The education aspect of this project is also of paramount importance. Schools, academies, universities and colleges can all come to understand the ancient building methods using no nails or screws.

This is like a dream come true for me to be able to see Oman’s sailing heritage come to life in the shape of the Jewel of Muscat and to be able to sail her to Singapore!. I hope this will inspire young people in Oman to think about our great sailing traditions and try their hand at sailing.
There is much hard work ahead to get the ship ready for sea and find out how she handles in different wind and sea conditions. We will need to find out what are the right amounts of sail for her in different winds and how to handle her out at sea.

Then of course we will need to select and train the crew, but after many years working with trainees on the Shabab Oman I am confident that in two or three weeks of starting the training we will know who are the right people. It’s one thing to say you want to go to sea but it’s another thing when you find yourself in the middle of the ocean!
This is the first time for me that I have seen a ship that I will sail being built and then launched. It’s a very special feeling – something that makes me very excited and proud.

I believe this project is of the greatest importance to Oman and to bringing to life our maritime history. My father was a sailor and his father before him so it will be a pleasure and an honour to serve in this cause and guide the Jewel of Muscat on her historic voyage to Singapore. And it will be the greatest honour for me to do my duty and do whatever is needed, even to the last drop of my blood, to bring the ship and her crew safely home.

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