Remembering Jewel

3rd July 2011

Captain Saleh Al Jabri


I will never forget this extraordinary project. People still ask me about Jewel.

It is hard to believe that it is already a year since we sailed Jewel into Singapore to such a wonderful welcome. This is a moment which I will never forget along with all the other wonderful memories I have of this extraordinary project.

This is an achievement that all Omanis can be really proud of. Lots of people still talk to me about it and ask me if the Jewel will be sailing again. It was an act of great vision by His Majesty to back this project and so bring to life Oman’s Maritime Heritage in such a bold and striking way especially for the younger generation.

Our journey across the Indian Ocean was a wonderful boost to the friendship between Oman and all the countries where Jewel called. We were welcomed so warmly and treated with such kindness and generosity. We were proud to act as representatives of Oman and her great history of sailing and exploration.

Since we returned from Singapore the crew and I have been visiting schools to talk about Jewel, her great journey and Oman’s maritime heritage. And it is so good to see a new generation of young people being inspired by the story to take on new adventures and try new things.

It is good to hear that soon Jewel will be on display in Singapore with her sails hoisted again. I hope that I will get the chance to visit her in her new home!

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