A beautiful sunset is always a memorable gift

A beautiful sunset is always a memorable gift

A day of rest

5th March 2010

Ship’s Log

A day of rest aboard the Jewel and a night time visit from dolphins

Friday is a rest day aboard the Jewel of Muscat, so aside from having to sail the ship and prepare meals, the crew had a chance to relax. Ahmed Al Adawi prepared the second of our two goats along with his special rice and served a delicious lunch.

The weather is clear and the winds moderate. We’re making 3.5 knot at the moment. Clouds are building up in the north and from that same direction we are receiving a heavy, regular swell. We have cleared and secured the deck in case the winds get stronger during the night.

We were just visited by a small group of dolphins. In the darkness they seemed not to surface–or they did so out of sight–but we could see them streaking to and fro under water by the glow of the bioluminescence they activated. They appeared like ghosts, everywhere at once, trailing a wake of greenish light. Truly, one of nature’s eeriest scenes.

The winds continue to rise, as do our hopes for making good progress tomorrow.

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