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Speech by Saleh Al Jabri, Captain of the Jewel of Muscat at the Arrival Ceremony in Singapore

3rd July 2010

Your Excellency President S R Nathan,
Your Highness Sayyid Harib bin Thuawini Al Said,
Dear friends and colleagues,

On the first of Rabiel Awwal, February 16 of this year, the Jewel of Muscat set sail from Sultan Qaboos Port, under the watchful eye of Almighty, blessed by His Majesty the Sultan and the prayers of fathers, mothers, children and many people in Oman.

It has been a great honour for me and my Crew to have carried out this noble mission and bestowed with this great trust in bringing the Jewel of Muscat to Singapore. In doing so, we have successfully sailed through Oman Sea, Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bangal and the Malaca Strait.

She crossed the Indian Ocean sometimes amidst light winds, and other times in strong squalls. She sailed fast when she wished and slow if she so liked. But she was keen to reach Singapore, carrying noble meanings and values, beautiful memories of her hometown in Oman, of the ports where she has called, and of all those who met her, interacted with her and expressed astonishment at her beauty.

We have encountered some challenging experiences during our journey and struggled through strong storms. But the Jewel of Muscat was resolute in bringing us to this beautiful place, in this happy day, embracing those who came to welcome her, in this magnificent celebration. We are grateful to the hospitality with which we have been received since touching Singaporean waters.

Allow me Mr. President, Your Highness, to offer, and on behalf of my colleagues, our humble and grateful thanks for this auspicious reception, in welcoming the Jewel of Muscat.

I hope the Jewel of Muscat will remain a living example of the values of, engagement, friendship and cooperation between nations and peoples.
Thank you