There's always work to be done even in port

There’s always work to be done even in port

Ready for the final leg

26th June 2010

Ship’s Log

The crew of the Jewel gets ready for the final leg to Singapore

For the last few days the crew has been busy preparing the ship for its final leg to Singapore. The entire staff of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club have been most helpful in this regard and the crew is deeply grateful for their assistance to us during our stay in Port Klang.

Of course, the world World Cup has been an enjoyable distraction during our stay and the games in South Africa have been a constant topic of heated conversation. In the spirit of international competition, the crew played a fierce match amongst themselves at a local football field–Starboard Watch against Port Watch. The Port team made a few excellent plays, but in the end they were overwhelmed by Starboard’s superior ball-handling, stamina, team-work, and strategy. Perhaps a rematch might be necessary in Singapore.

The Jewel of Muscat will begin its last voyage tomorrow and the crew is excited to get underway. Next port of call – Singapore.

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