Said  Al Tarshi and Ayaz Al Zadjali measure the new sails

New sails for Jewel

4th May 2010

Ship’s Log

Work begins on preparing the new woven sails for the Jewel while some of the crew answer questions from students of the local International School

Low dark clouds threaten a heavy rain over Galle this afternoon–perhaps bringing some relief for the crew as they work on a variety of projects in hot, humid conditions. Among the crew’s activities have been the raising of the new woven sails to test their size and flexibility; replacing worn rigging; fashioning new lower yards and sweep oars from bamboo poles; carving a decorative, Koranic inscription on the stern cross-beam; and successfully repairing a broken water pump. This last task was particularly important given the volume of water which enters the ship during tropical downpours such as the one we will probably get within the hour.

Crew members Geoffery Dobbs and Robert Jackson had the pleasure of visiting The Galle International School (TGIS) today to talk about the Jewel of Muscat. After a brief tour of the verdant, open-air school, the energetic students asked many questions about the ship’s history and structure, life on board, and wildlife we had encountered at sea. Approximately twenty primary students from TGIS will visit the ship this coming Friday to get a first-hand look at the stitched planking, the crew’s sleeping area, and, of course, the famous zoolies.

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