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Goodbye and thank you

3rd July 2010

Ship’s Log

The final ship’s log from Jewel of Muscat

At 1730 today, the Jewel of Muscat and her crew arrived safely in Singapore. It was a time of intense and mixed emotions as the ship’s mooring lines were secured to the dock and a great cheer arose from the welcoming crowd. Slowly, happily – though perhaps somewhat dazed – the crew made its way up the ramp to the receiving area and into a whirlwind of speeches of appreciation and praise, jubilant public celebrations, and private reunions with loved-ones.

Meanwhile, behind the celebrating crowds, our noble ship rocked quietly in her moorings, glistening in the soft, evening rain. Her great journey is complete.
For those of us who have had the privilege of serving as her crew, the voyage of the Jewel of Muscat means more than we can possibly put into words – indeed its most profound meanings might reveal themselves only in the years to come.

The voyage has been a journey of exploration, of learning, and of peace, and by following it via this website, you have shared in its mission and, we hope, been enriched by it. On behalf of Captain Saleh Al Jabri and the crew of the Jewel of Muscat, we extend to you our deepest gratitude for your interest and support, and for the valuable contribution you have made toward the success of this grand adventure. May the future bring you fair winds and gentle seas.

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