Lesson Plan: Geography ages 9-12


Test yourself

Classroom Activity

Learning objectives

  • To be able to transfer information onto a map.
  • To be able to prepare for research activity effectively.
  • To be able to produce an information poster.

Success criteria

  • Can mark data accurately on a map.
  • Can use appropriate Information Technology for planning and selecting information.
  • Can produce an effective poster that gives clear and appealing information to an audience.

Thinking skills

  • Analysing: examine, distinguish, question, discriminate
  • Applying: use, demonstrate, employ, illustrate, interpret
  • Creating: design, construct, develop, assemble, compile


  • Access to the Internet and the Jewel of Muscat website.
  • Manila card and paper.
  • Pens and coloured pencils.

Starter activity

In preparation for the activity:

  • Recap knowledge of map reading with a quick quiz.
  • Divide class into two teams.  Each team writes 5 questions about map reading.  Ensure they have the correct answers.
  • Teams ask the questions to each other and score the answers.

Main activities

  • Guide and monitor the students through the activity sheet.


  • Prepare 3-4 questions about how effective your poster is.
  • Consumer feedback: take posters around the school asking random people (every 10th person you see) the questions.  Record responses.
  • Using the responses, how could you develop your poster further to ensure it was more effective for an audience?