Ayaz b. Khalid al-Zadjali

Ayaz b. Khalid al-Zadjali

Ayaz b. Khalid al-Zadjali

3rd January 2009

The biggest difference for me about this project is that I’ve only worked on small models of ships before

Now we’re building a full-size ship! It’s very different!

We’re all learning a lot. We normally use machines to work the wood but on this project we’re doing almost everything by hand so we’re learning about doing woodwork with simple chisels and planes. And as we’re using traditional materials we’ve learnt how to make and use things like khundrus and fish oil.

It’s also the first time we’ve worked with ropes, learning how a sewn boat is built is very different to using nails.

It’s a really different way of working but with the experts Tom, Luca and Eric showing us how to do these things it’s a really good experience.

Qantab, Oman

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