Lesson Plan: Geography ages 13-16


Test yourself

Classroom Activity

Learning objectives

  • To be able to research and select information on: the ancient shipwreck; the building of the Jewel of Muscat; the early trade routes between the Middle East and China.
  • To be able to produce an effective information leaflet.
  • To be able to reflect on work and suggest ways to improve it.

Success criteria

  • Can use appropriate Information Technology for planning and selecting content.
  • Can design and produce a leaflet that clearly and effectively delivers information to the reader with interest.
  • Can detect when there is an issue and can plan ways to solve it to enhance work.

Thinking skills

  • Applying: choose, use, write, illustrate, interpret, demonstrate
  • Creating: design, formulate, develop, construct, assemble
  • Evaluating: appraise, select, value, defend, judge, assess


  • Access to the Internet and the Jewel of Muscat website.
  • Examples of information leaflets (Teachers to source these from museums, Tourism Oman, etc.)
  • Computer lab and printers.
  • A4 paper

Starter activity

  • Brainstorm: ‘What makes a good information leaflet?’
  • Give out example leaflets.  Ask students to study them in pairs and give additional ideas to the initial brainstorming responses.

Main activities

  • Guide and monitor the students through the activity sheet.


Groups explain how their teamwork functioned.  Include: What worked well in the teamwork.  What posed a difficulty, and how they overcame it?  Explain how they could improve their teamwork next time.