Lesson Plan: History ages 6-8


Classroom Activity


Learning objectives

  • To be able to understand trading methods in the ancient world.
  • To be able to conduct effective teamwork.
  • To be able to give a presentation.

Success criteria

  • Can demonstrate knowledge of ancient trading methods.
  • Can work well within a team towards a common goal.
  • Can present work clearly and thoughtfully.

Thinking skills

Applying: demonstrate, dramatise, use, illustrate

Understanding: report, describe, discuss, explain

Analysing: compare, contrast, differentiate, examine, question


  • Small pieces of blank paper (1/4 sheet of A4).
  • 8 labels: one for each country on the trade route.
  • Counters, or bottle tops, or pistachio shells, etc. (For coins)
  • Coloured pencils.
  • Large sheets of paper.
  • Glue

Starter activity

  • Use the information from the website to tell the exciting stories about: ancient life and trade, old sailing ships and the Jewel of Muscat.

Main activities

Role play: divide the class into about 8 groups.

Each group chooses ONE of the countries and its product below:

  • Cambodia: chairs
  • Vietnam: cooking pots
  • Oman: water containers
  • Indonesia: beds
  • India: blankets
  • China: sets of 6 plates
  • Singapore: sets of 6 cups
  • Sri Lanka: sets of 6 knives

Guide and monitor the groups through the activity sheet.


Elicit and discuss the differences between trade today and trade in ancient times.