Starting the build

Starting the build Meanwhile at the fishing village of Qantab, just along the coast from Muscat old town, a shipyard was prepared and an international and Omani team of archaeologists, carpenters and ropeworkers was recruited to take on the difficult task of building Jewel of Muscat. The team knew they faced a considerable challenge,

Designing Jewel

Designing Jewel Dr Tom Vosmer, a maritime archaeologist with a long-standing interest in Oman’s maritime heritage, was appointed as construction director. Over a period of months in 2007 detailed plans and designs for the ship, based on the wreck, were prepared. By early 2008 a scale model of the ship had to be built

A royal gift

  Oman and Singapore sign an agreement on Jewel A royal gift The turning point came when His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Sultan of Oman, offered his blessings and support for the project. His vision provided a new impetus to the idea proposed by Singapore to explore the possibility of recreating such a

The history of Jewel of Muscat

The ancient wreck – the model for the Jewel The history of Jewel of Muscat The story of Jewel of Muscat goes back centuries. But in recent times the story begins around 1998, when fishermen off the island of Belitung in Indonesia began pulling up pottery in their nets. Maritime archaeological investigation by a